AIRPORT Services


Main railroad Luik Gare Guillemines Taxi € 60,=. Also Airport Le Bierset, Luik.

Attention fit airport prices taxi 1-4 passengers € 145,= From Maastricht to Brussel - Charleroi – Antwerpen - Düsseldorf-Koln/Bonn - Weeze/Niederrhein – Eindhoven.

Frankfurt/Hahn € 350,-

Schiphol/Amsterdam - Oostende - Rotterdam € 250,=

Paris € 450,-

Luik/Liege - Aken/Aachen € 60,-

London € 700,-

Maastricht - Aachen - Airport € 35.-



When you arranged a taxi from us we never take other passengers for your privacy, no combinations and strait to the airport.

Normally, the travel time to the airports above is 1 hour and 20 minutes, Amsterdam 2.5 hours.

During the traffic hour (traffic jam ) at least one hour more travel time to calculate.

You can make us never responsible for, when your missing your plane, by overpower. Our taxi’s having for 100% maintenance checks.

When you have delay by departure  abroad, please phone directly  0031433628877.

When you make a reservation on internet,  always give  your full name,  destination address, mobile phone number. Let us now  how many passengers and tell always how many

suite cases, if they are  big ore small, flight number and arrival time.





With kind regards.

Frans Ritzerfeld